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  • Advances catalyze minimally invasive foot, ankle surgery

    Although minimally invasive surgery for the foot and ankle has been around for decades, improvements in tools, implants and surgical training combined with a growing body of literature have inspired renewed popularity of these surgeries.

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  • 7 Exercises for Bunions and Pain

    Exercises for bunions and pain can help prevent or slow bunion development or progression by reducing pressure on the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint and strengthening the toe and foot muscles. Bunion self-care and stretches for bunion symptom relief can be used for mild to moderate bunions.

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  • Common Causes of Foot Pain

    There are many different causes of foot pain—including plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, and tarsal tunnel syndrome—each of which requires different treatments. Some of these conditions affect the bones and joints of the feet, while others involve nerves and connective tissues like ligaments and tendons.

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  • How a Stress Fracture in the Foot Feels

    A stress fracture in the foot can be painful, especially when the foot bears weight. Stress fractures happen when muscles become fatigued and are unable to absorb shock, such as when your foot hits the pavement while running. Instead, this shock is transferred to the bone, eventually causing tiny cracks called stress fractures.

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  • Advances in Ankle Replacement Surgery

    What are options for ankle arthritis? Ankle fusion and Total ankle replacement are both options that can lead to improved quality of life. Not everyone is a candidate for total ankle replacement, but this does not mean that your outcome will be inferior with ankle fusion. With either surgery, you can expect improvement in pain, gait and sometimes deformity.

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